When Adel first joined the IOK weekend school as a 5th grader, little did he know playing basketball with his Shuyookh and memorizing Quran on Saturday’s would become cherished memories, with lifelong friends and mentors.   Now the CEO of the UMMA Clinic which serves over 35,000 patients every year in Los Angeles County, Adel attributes much of the fundamentals of his success to IOK. “It’s because of IOK that I can manage my time, have discipline and apply myself to my goals.” An MPPA holder from Northwestern University, Adel is an avid learner and is currently exploring options for a PhD program. “I consider myself a life-long learner, and it was IOK that instilled that love of learning in me,” said Adel.   Having studied with the very first cohort of students at IOK, Adel considers his weekend school friends some of his closest friends. Many of his most influential teachers are all still critically involved in the growth and development of IOK; namely, Shaykh Furhan Zubairi, Hafidh Omer Rangoonwala and Shaykh Nomaan Baig. “IOK gave me and my friends an Islamic world view that helped contextualize everything I was dealing with at school, at work, and in life and helped put it into an Islamic framework.”   A lifelong social justice warrior, Adel has worked with CAIR prior to joining UMMA in 2013. Thanks to his Public Policy background, Adel has a keen eye for finding inherent societal issues while building partnerships with the larger community to address them from the ground up. “I want to build an equitable world and foster a finer future for my community.”   Adel Syed also serves as an advisor to IOK CHESS.