Assests (Enter Value in U.S. Dollars)
Cash on Hand
Balance Held in Bank Accounts (checking, savings & business)
Resale Value of Shares (stocks & mutual funds)
Retirement Plans (401K, IRA & pension)
Note: Subtract penalty & taxes from the withdrawable amount
Business Inventory (wholesale value)
Rental Income (from rental properties)
Gold & Silver (at current value)
Loans (money lent to others)
Other Income (gifts, allowances, bonuses)
Total Assets
Liabilities (Enter Value in U.S. Dollars)
Debts (loans, 1 month mortgage payment, 1 month car payment)
Expenses for the Current Month (rent, utilities, etc.)
Wages Due to Others (personal or business)
Total Liabilities
Total Zakatable Amount
Nisab* (Gold Standard)
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We use zakat donations only for students in need. We do not spend your zakat for the acquisition, renovation, or maintenance of our physical infrastructure. Only students of families who are destitute, indigent, and debtors (tuition and related costs are considered debts that the student may owe to the Institute) receive zakat funds that you entrust us to spend responsibly.

*Nisab, gold and silver rates are updated continuously.Rates obtained from Precious Metals XML Price Feed