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About Our Programs

The Institute of Knowledge commits to offer all types of high quality programming that brings Islamic education and spiritual experiences to all. Get a glance at each of IOK’s primary programs below.

Full-Time School

IOK School is a WASC accredited Islamic Leadership and College Preparatory School (TK-10th grade) that seeks to empower its students to reach their full academic and spiritual potential through an integrated education in the religious and contemporary sciences in a nurturing environment conducive to student learning, character building, and leadership development.
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The IOK Center for Counseling, Higher Education and Spiritual Support combines our Seminary program, with our Chaplaincy and Counseling services. Curated with young people aged 16-32 in mind, all our programming exists to ensure wrap-around spiritual support is available to the future leadership of our communities, meeting their every need for counseling, mentorship and further pursuit of Islamic Studies.
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Full-Time Seminary

The IOK Seminary was established in 2010 with the goal of educating and training the next generation of Muslim American leaders, imams, chaplains, teachers, and scholars to serve the religious and spiritual needs of their communities. It is a unique program that offers a One- year Certificate, an Associate’s Degree, and Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic and Islamic studies, a Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy, and a Master’s Degree in Islamic Law and Tradition with an Ijāzah (authorization) in teaching and transmitting hadith.
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Part-Time Seminary

IOK’s Part-Time Seminary augments IOK’s full-time Seminary to provide educational courses to the national community and beyond. Courses have been designed with college students, working professionals, stay-at-home adults and life-long learners in mind, enabling them to conveniently pursue Islamic Studies on a part-time basis.
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Providing university students a safe and nurturing space to talk through their experiences and receive insight from scholars on issues that concern them that has the potential to impact the course of their lives entirely.
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The IOK CHESS Counseling Services were launched to ensure all students attending our Seminary Program and benefitting from our Chaplaincy Initiative would have the opportunity to receive comprehensive, wrap-around support in dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, harassment, suicidal ideation, conflict in their interpersonal relationships and other mental health and wellness concerns.
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Hifdh Al-Quran

The Hifdh al-Quran (Quran Memorization) Program offers an opportunity for boys and girls (ages 11 and above) to memorize the Noble Quran with emphasis on proper application of tajweed rules. The entire memorization is targeted to be completed in 3 to 5 years based on the students demonstrated ability to memorize and retain.

IQRA Afterschool

Quran recitation offering students self-paced individualized instruction at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Saturday & Sunday Schools

IOK’s Saturday & Sunday School program is designed to help students preserve their Islamic identities by reconnecting them to their religious duties, broadening their horizons, and helping them build social frameworks. The classes are centered around well-rounded curriculums that cater to personal and spiritual growth.

Deen Connect

This program is geared to help young Muslims formulate their thoughts and opinions through a divinely focused lens. Discussions and lessons are formulated to engage their intellectual and moral capacities. Classes are based on reviewing Islamic texts through a relevant perspective.

Positive & Practical Parenting

IOK prides itself on being rooted in traditional knowledge that every generation can integrate into their daily lives. Monthly Positive and Practical Parenting workshops and seminars serve to educate and give parents the confidence to self-regulate their children, cater to their individual needs, and raise them as competent Muslim Americans in today’s society. These parenting workshops and seminars are taught by licensed mental health professionals, as well as religious leaders that are trained to deal with struggles in the Muslim community. In our ever-changing modern society, IOK functions as a meaningful space for parents to seek professional and religious guidance to raise Muslim children.
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Whether it be the sanctuaries of Makkah and Madinah, or the Holy Land in Jerusalem — traveling with IOK guarantees you’ll be fulfilling your ritual acts of devotion under the guidance of learned and experienced travel companions who will accompany you as teachers and spiritual guides throughout your sacred journey. Achieve your spiritual goals while build- ing lifelong bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood with people from all parts of the globe and from all walks of life.
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