Graphic logo for Institute of Knowledge with the number 25 representing 25 years of fostering a finer future
Graphic logo for Institute of Knowledge with the number 25 representing 25 years of fostering a finer future

Program Outline

Click the following tabs to view more information. For the Program Booklet and Bazaar Floor map, click the Attendee Downloads tab.
Conference Agenda
Bazaar Vendors
Food Truck Festival
Attendee Downloads
*Youth Program
8:00 AM
Doors Open
9:40 AM
Welcome Address
10:00 AM
Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed
*Talk w/ Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed
10:30 AM
Shaykh Waleed Basyouni
11:00 AM
Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda
*Prayer Activity w/ Hajira Mowlanazada
11:30 AM
Panel w/ Above 3 Speakers
12:30 PM
Dhuhr Break + Lunch Break
*Dua Activity w/ Emaan Ahmed
2:55 PM
Resume Program
*Parent Pick-Up, End of AM Session
3:00 PM
Dr. Soboh Address from Shura Council
3:10 PM
Performance by Ahbab Al Habib
*Loving Hijab for girls w/ Sarah Rahman + Battles of Sahabah for boys w/ Hayder Chaudhury
3:40 PM
Shaykh Ahmed Billoo
4:10 PM
Shaykh Furhan Zubairi
*Ahbab Al Habib
4:40 PM
Shaykh Abdul Rahman Waheed
*Loving Our Parents w/ Shayan Saeed
5:10 PM - Asr Break
6:00 PM
Full Speaker Panel Discussion
*Balloon Brothers 
6:55 PM - Maghrib Break
7:50 PM
Dr. Haifaa Younis
8:20 PM
Dr. Imam Omar Suleiman
8:50 PM
Closing Remarks w/ Shaykh Nomaan Baig
9:00 PM
Dua w/ Dr. Muzzammil Siddiqi
9:30 PM
Travel Agency
Aqra Travel
Modest Fashion & Hijabs
Quran Notebook
Clothing & Perfumes
Barakah Clothing
Handmade Islamic Artwork
Islamic Finance
Devon Islamic Finance
Luxurious Incense, Bakhoor & Perfumes
Diamante Scarves
home decor & kitchen necessities
Islamic Home Financing
Guidance Residential
Names of Allah Book
Habbak Studios
Islamic Center of South Bay LA
Abaya & hijab
LA Dunes
Islamic and ethnic gifts & decor
Islamic Items
Madinah Gifts
Men's grooming products
Modest Man Grooming
Hijabs & Clothing
Musa Attire
Modest clothing
Noorys LLC
islamic gift shop
Nour Emporium
Penny Appeal USA
Modest clothing, Hijabs & accessories
RK Fashions
Hijab, Abaya & jewelry
Sofa's Fashion
Specialty Gifts
Souq of Delicate Accents
Syrian Forum
Islamic Financing
UIF Corporation
Desi clothes & jewelry
Zaks Boutique
Childrens Educational Material
Little Ummah Learning
Humanitarian Organization
Islamic Relief USA
Educational Material

The Food Truck Festival, organized as a courtesy by the City of Anaheim, will be taking place in the Convention Center Courtyard outside the Hilton in Anaheim and will be available to enjoy by all our guests!

Due to the Food Truck Festival not being organized by IOK, no IOK-sponsored Zabihah Halal trucks are on the menu. However, many other options are still available to our community to choose from and enjoy. The Food Truck Festival will begin at 12 Noon and end at 4PM. Some trucks will be carrying halal meat, but we were not involved in the designation process so choosing from these options is entirely up to our guests!

Food Trucks On-Site:

  • Graze
  • Dragon Dogs
  • Hangry Belly
  • And Fish
  • Nostimo Greek
  • OC Tacos
  • Hobo Pizza
  • Cali Delights
  • Rolling Sushi
  • Coastal Mexican Kitchen – serving Halal Chicken

At the Hilton in Anaheim, the Mix Lounge, Restaurant and Pool Deck will also be serving a variety of meals and have Hilton-designated Halal Meat available to our guests.

Additionally, the Conference Center's prime location in the hub of Anaheim—near Disneyland Resort—offers an array of local restaurants within walking distance for your convenience.

Furthermore, lots of options are available for delivery from the greater Anaheim area and beyond.

We encourage you to make your meal selections for the 16th in advance. If opting for delivery, please consider placing your orders by 12:30 PM. The on-site break from 1 PM to 3 PM will give you ample time to savor your meal and explore the on-site bazaar. It's also a perfect window for families to enjoy the food truck festival or dine at a local restaurant.

We recommend making similar arrangements for your dinner plans as well.

Please note the Hilton Anaheim parking services do not allow for cars to leave the premises on the same parking ticket so if you exit the venue for lunch, you will have to pay another $20 to park at the facility again.

Watch the Conference Live

Can't attend the conference in person but would still love to get ILMspired? You now have the option to purchase an on-line streaming ticket! $20/person

Respite & special needs accommodations

Access a sensory-friendly room with live-streaming for individuals with disabilities made available through MUHSEN.

Buy Your Tickets


For children ages 5 - 12. Tickets can be purchased for the full day or either the beginning or last half of the day as well.
$40 / $20
Full-Day / Half-Day


Full day all-access pass to sessions and bazaar. Tickets at the door will be $50.
Per Person


Parking will be available for $20/vehicle at the Hilton Premises. Pay on site. No in-and-out privileges.

Become a Sponsor

Check out our sponsorship opportunities and enjoy exclusive benefits during the conference for your business.