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Zakat Calculator


Description Value in U.S. Dollars
Cash on HandEnter the amount of cash you have on hand.
Balance Held in Bank Accounts (checking, savings & business)Enter the total balance held in your bank accounts.
Resale Value of Shares (stocks & mutual funds)Enter the resale value of your shares.
Retirement Plans (401K, IRA & pension)Enter the value of your retirement plans after penalties and taxes.
Business Inventory (wholesale value)Enter the wholesale value of your business inventory.
Rental Income (from rental properties)Enter the income from your rental properties.
Gold & Silver (at current value)Enter the current value of your gold and silver.
Loans (money lent to others)Enter the amount of money you have lent to others.
Other Income (gifts, allowances, bonuses)Enter any other income such as gifts, allowances, or bonuses.
Total Assets $0.00


Description Value in U.S. Dollars
Debts (loans, 1 month mortgage payment, 1 month car payment)Enter your total debts including loans, mortgage, and car payments.
Expenses for the Current Month (rent, utilities, etc.)Enter your total expenses for the current month including rent and utilities.
Wages Due to Others (personal or business)Enter the amount of wages you owe to others.
Total Liabilities $0.00


Total Zakatable Amount: $0.00

Nisab (Gold Standard): $0.00

*Nisab and gold rates are updated continuously. Rates obtained from: link.

Begin typing in the input fields to get your Zakat result.

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